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I have been struggling with an auto-immune disease (ulcerative colitis) for over four years and have recently come across Tracey’s teachings. They have been pure gold to me. I fully believe in a psychosomatic to approaching my sickness and I have had incredible results (along with help of medicine, but the dose has become lower and I’m doing better than ever). I believe I will continue to let go of  built up stress over the years and will learn to approach life and stress in a more productive way furthering my healing. Thank you Tracey from Nashville, TN!! For the walk you have done before us and connecting the dots towards healing!

Thanks for all you do!  I hope to continue learning from you and even growing alongside you as this train of  thought has not yet become popular for healing.


Derrick Frey



Vital Health Pursuit

“I am so happy I found your channel!! Your advice is definitely the answer to my gut issues. I have found your book extremely helpful and after trying your technique once, I already felt better but know there’s a long way to go in releasing all this deep-rooted emotional baggage. It’s really hard to stop all the rumination and to get rid of trauma that leaves you in an incapacitated state. It’s so incredible hard to feel everything that has been so repressed bc reliving it is very traumatic. Your recovery really inspires me! You give me hope. Thanks Tracey <3



MJ Gagan

“Hi Tracey I just want you to know that you helped me cure my eczema, I followed all your instructions and boom, my eczema is almost completely gone. Thank you and I love you! Haha. Continue this for the people. Depression and being an over thinker sucks haha.”


Robert S

"You have helped me see why my son had chronic eczema by exposing the pain inside I had and projecting on my son.  As I healed from my emotions, my son has healed from his eczema that no dermatologist, and expensive medications and steroids could not do for my son, when the problem was with the parent like I was.  Thank you Tracey for showing the way to feel and experience the TRUE let go, let God in this life. Wow keep sharing this."


"I can have the ice cream and I don't have candida! You were right, I would heal from it and I think I did...I can eat normally now."

Paola B.